Nicki Minaj - Dear Old Nicki
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Dear old Nicki, please call back.. 

Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight
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Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight.


when the teacher comes around to collect your homework




ive watched this so many times

u know he hit the blunt right before he walked out like “just one hit no big deal” but he pulled TOO HARD

"It’s like the pot calling the kettle sneaky."

 - First Recording of Human Voice
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On 9th March 2008, historians have found what they believe is the first recording of a human voice. Predating Thomas Edison’s first phonograph recording of 1877. The “phonautograph”, created by etching soot-covered paper by Parisian inventor Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville, was played by US scientists using a “virtual stylus” to read the lines. The recording was initially believed to be the voice of a woman or adolescent, but further research in 2009 suggested the playback speed had been too high and that it was actually the voice of Scott himself. This is the original recording.


I hate shirtless white boys who think they’re doing humanity a favor if they call a girl beautiful go get high off your axe deodorant spray


i spend my free time looking at photos of myself

i left my charger in the digital lab im SO MAD

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So just for laughs, I thought I’d use this voice-mail on my phone, for whenever my friends wanted to contact me they’d hear this random voice-mail when I wasn’t available. That idea suddenly went bad when I realized that the person who has arranged a job interview also rang me once before, meaning they’ve heard this.


The artist is Zanele Muholi.  How amazing are these photos?  THEY ARE SO AMAZING AND SO BEAUTIFUL.  Muholi is South African, and she photographs the lesbian community there, which is how she has made these beyond beautiful photographs.  Seriously, my mind is blown to bits. Go read about her right now!